The media has been abuzz with reports of Olympic athletes with red circles on their backs. For some this is a curiosity and for others it is a disturbing sight to behold. The picture of Michael Phelps with dark red circles that look like pepperoni sausage slices is an unfamiliar thing to the western media […]

Ever since my first trip to China in 1986 I have been involved in personal evangelism with Chinese, sharing my faith with individuals or small groups and challenging them to consider the truths of the gospel.  After many years I could almost predict, from an array of possible responses, how my Chinese friends would respond, […]

Everyday I run into people from different parts of China.  Living in one of China’s major cities it is quite common to meet someone from any one of the over 25 differences provinces and special zones in China’s landscape.  I’ve spent the last 30 years learning Chinese so communication in Mandarin is not too big […]

In the February 21, 2016 edition of the Business Insider an article appears that caught my attention; “China is buying up American companies fast, and it’s freaking people out” (  How could that title NOT catch your attention.  The contents of the article discuss recent events going on among Chinese businesses that show the eye-popping […]

It’s early December and I am walking through one of the major department stores in China. As I make my way toward the exit, I begin to hear that familiar sound – Christmas music. It brings back a flood of childhood memories, most of which are very pleasant. The season has meaning and history where […]

Last week my wife and I sat in our living room talking with one of the teachers at our seminary. He pastors a Chinese church in the US and volunteers to come and teach once a year. He started doing this for us 2 years ago and I quickly discovered his pastoral experience and manner […]

My wife and I just wrapped up another session of pre-marital counseling with a couple from our seminary, who will be married in a few. As an advisor and teacher there are plenty of opportunities to mentor and enter into the lives of those who we teach. Our students expect and anticipate the kind of […]