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Learning About Suffering from the Margins

Isaiah 53 gives us a messianic picture of one who is “oppressed”, “afflicted”, “acquainted with grief” and marginalized.  These are powerful words in today’s culture wars.  Careless use of them may bring about being labeled as a “liberal” within our evangelical community.  I confess I must think twice when using these words in my sermons […]

History Lesson on Social Sin

“Though convinced by the arguments of friends that Christianity ought to judge slaveholding as immoral, in the face of crisis (Charles) Finney’s conviction wavered.  When confronted in 1834 with rioting mobs protesting abolitionism, Finney kept silent.  He refused to integrate the seating in his Chatham Street Chapel on the grounds that there was a difference […]

Remembering June 4 and the Struggle for Freedom

Today is the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests that gridlocked China and ended in thousands of lives being lost at the hands of the People’s Liberation Army.  Today the youth of China know almost nothing of this event.  It is hard to believe but the government has so thoroughly silenced the news and […]

Reflections on The Current State of Affairs in the World

If you are like me you’ve been spending a lot of time at home catching up on projects, getting work done via Zoom and other platforms and watching our country (the US) descend into chaos.  COVID-19 has provided us with a way to relate to the suffering of the entire world and recent events surrounding […]

Recent Writing Projects

I was very encouraged recently that Redeemer City to City gave me a shout out by posting one of my articles on their website.  It was a writing project originally written for one of my PhD assignments which was then later edited by China Partnership’s Hannah Nation (thanks Hannah!).  Several of my pieces are published […]

The Great Leap Backward

In a recent article from the New York Times (see first link below) the journalist rightly points out how authoritarian rule tends to “squelch independent voices” and what you end up with is a leader surrounded by advisors who only flatter. There is a decisive lack of accountability which can lead to devastating consequences. I […]

News Articles Related to Wang Yi’s December 30, 2019 Sentencing

The following is a list of online articles from a range of news agencies including major mainstream English newspapers as well as articles from several different different countries including Germany, France, China and the US.  Some of these links also include Chinese language coverage of the issue.  If you know of any other relevant articles, […]

Can We Love God and Love Our Country?

Sometimes questions that we raise have a history of being addressed at different times and in different contexts.  As such we do well to pay attention to history and how it informs us.  How did previous generations answer this question of striking the balance of loving God and loving one’s home land.  We see this […]

A Tale of Two Authors

Just when I had thought the heart ache of being attacked by the Chinese government was over, a year after I was forced to leave China, I encountered an attack from a Christian author who maliciously slandered me without giving me any notice or even providing an opportunity to dialogue. Before I go any further […]

Xi Jingping’s Plan for Church Growth in The World

The title of this piece is meant to sound provocative but the fact is that the recent policy changes in China (Sept 2017) that have been implemented (Feb 2018) have had a dramatic effect on both the Chinese Church (mostly the house church) in Mainland China as well as the foreign missionary community. Scores of […]