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A Tale of Two Authors

Just when I had thought the heart ache of being attacked by the Chinese government was over, a year after I was forced to leave China, I encountered an attack from a Christian author who maliciously slandered me without giving me any notice or even providing an opportunity to dialogue. Before I go any further […]

Xi Jingping’s Plan for Church Growth in The World

The title of this piece is meant to sound provocative but the fact is that the recent policy changes in China (Sept 2017) that have been implemented (Feb 2018) have had a dramatic effect on both the Chinese Church (mostly the house church) in Mainland China as well as the foreign missionary community. Scores of […]

Bar Yeshua

When our oldest son turned 13 years old we did not have a Bar Mitzvah, rather we held a Bar Yeshua for him. It included a very informal ceremony where we put away the “stick” of discipline and recognized my son’s coming of age. We were in Chengdu China at the time and I decided […]

The Folly of Believing that Communism and Christianity Can Peacefully Co-Exist

The Head of Perdue University’s Sociology Department and a personal friend Dr Fenggang Yang wrote a book entitled Religion in China; Survival & Revival Under Communist Rule. In it he artfully discusses the role religion is playing and has played in Chinese society, especially under the Communist regime. He points out that China has played […]

The God Who Comforts The Downcast

Those seminary staff that are not currently in detention have suffered harrassment and in some cases temporary detainment. Although they are not currently being detained there is the constant unrest within of either being watched or of potentially being detained again. Please pray for these precious sisters who have served so faithfully. Although I have […]

Pray For the Imprisoned

Brother Ge has been a deacon at Early Rain Covenant for several years. He used to work in the corporate world but moved his family to Chengdu around 5 years ago to be a part of Early Rain. He has been our seminary office manager and on December 9 was arrested for running an illegal […]

The Least of These

Sara Li has been working at the seminary for five years. Her husband is not a believer. In the past she has come to my wife from time to time with her struggles. She appreciated the emotional support and was always grateful for help. She was our only library worker for many years. Sister Li […]