The God Who Comforts The Downcast

Those seminary staff that are not currently in detention have suffered harrassment and in some cases temporary detainment. Although they are not currently being detained there is the constant unrest within of either being watched or of potentially being detained again.

Please pray for these precious sisters who have served so faithfully. Although I have contacted them recently and they report that they are well, I know they are also facing difficulties and stress. Pray for strength to persevere and to turn to the Lord in the midst of pressure and intimidation from authorities.

We also received a rather encouraging note that our librarians husband, SB was released from detention. He’s been attending Early Rain’s Nicodemus bible study group for some time. It seems he is either a seeker with a good grasp of the gospel or a young believer because while he was detained he was in a cell with 30 or so cell mates but only 11 beds. During his detention he shared the gospel with his cell mates. Among the 30 cell mates were drug pushers and other kinds of law breakers. Brother SB grew close to these men who responded to the gospel message he shared an when it came time for his release his cell mates did not want him to go. The detainees made vows to attend church after they were released, promising to bring their families with them. Please pray for these gospel seeds to grow and for those who are still in detention to be faithful and winsome witnesses like brother SB. Pray for brother SB’s faith to continue to grow and blossom.

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