The Least of These

Sara Li has been working at the seminary for five years. Her husband is not a believer. In the past she has come to my wife from time to time with her struggles. She appreciated the emotional support and was always grateful for help. She was our only library worker for many years. Sister Li was detained on December 9 on the suspicion of running an illegal business operation but after over 120 hours, we still have not received an official detention notice. Her husband reported that, although he was young at the time, he remembers the Cultural Revolution. “What is happening now is far worse”, he said in a note last week. Sarah is also a member of Early Rain. These rediculous trumped up charges are the most recent effort of the central government to “clean house.”

Sarah Li is a sweet middle-aged sister that came to the Lord no more than a decade ago. She is always smiling and friendly. Sometimes I struggled to understan her Chinese because she speaks very fast. “Can you repeat that”, I would often say. Although a native of Sichuan, she spleaks fairly standard Mandarin…just very fast.

When we would get together to pray with the other seminary co-workers she would ask for prayers for her husband and tell me from time to time that it seemed his heart was softening toward the Lord. Please pray for Sarah, that God would giver her strength. Pray for her husband as well, that this would used by God to continue to draw him to Him.

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