Monthly Archives: December 2018

The God Who Comforts The Downcast

Those seminary staff that are not currently in detention have suffered harrassment and in some cases temporary detainment. Although they are not currently being detained there is the constant unrest within of either being watched or of potentially being detained again. Please pray for these precious sisters who have served so faithfully. Although I have […]

Pray For the Imprisoned

Brother Ge has been a deacon at Early Rain Covenant for several years. He used to work in the corporate world but moved his family to Chengdu around 5 years ago to be a part of Early Rain. He has been our seminary office manager and on December 9 was arrested for running an illegal […]

The Least of These

Sara Li has been working at the seminary for five years. Her husband is not a believer. In the past she has come to my wife from time to time with her struggles. She appreciated the emotional support and was always grateful for help. She was our only library worker for many years. Sister Li […]

Personal Reflections on a Friend

For the last eight years I have labored with my brother and friend, Wang Yi. Watching him get taken away this week has certainly not been an unexpected event. It was inevitable. He was preparing for this for many years. I have sat with him on many occasions at the Starbucks near his apartment that […]

Updates From Early Rain Covenant Church Chengdu

For regular updates please visit our China Partnership blog ( and read the latest news on the Early Rain Covenant Church attack. (Many of the translations below were done by Brent Pinkall and used with his permission. To access extensive news with both text and media regarding the Early Rain Covenant Church visit “Early […]

Heavy Wave of Persecution

On the evening of December 9, 2018 police with the support and help of the National Security (something akin to the FBI in the US) forces in China unleashed an all-out attack on the Early Rain Covenant Church in the northern corridor of Chengdu. Authorities broke into the seminary library, college, primary school and church […]

Would Karl Marx Roll Over in His Grave?

Recently my research has led me to read about Karl Marx and his views on the purpose of public education. Apparently Marx did not have a comprehensive philosophy of education but from his views on other matters such as history and economics it is possible to gain an understanding and how he viewed education. According […]