The Pressure is Mounting

This past two weeks I have received an unusually large number of reports from churches in China that I have worked with, including those in Sichuan, Guangdong and other provinces. If you read the news it is hard to escape the steady flow of reports about the enforcement of new religious policies, the same ones that resulted in me getting kicked out in February this year (thankfully I was able to return under a new/different visa) and one of my close colleagues getting deported. The pressure is mounting. A professor of mine who taught me when I was a young MDiv student, visited our seminary recently to teach a class and as a result has become an ardent China watcher, including news of the May 12 event in Chengdu in his own personal blog ( All of this reminds me of how foolish the authorities are. It is an historically documented fact that when the church is put under more pressure, the inevitable result is that she grows. Something tells me the government leaders in China are not avid readers of church history.


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