I’ve been using this word “unplug” lately to describe what is going on in our lives lately. After eight years of ministry in China with only two short home assignments (both two months long) the Lord made it clear to us that we need to step back for a bit longer. Late last year we decided to take a six month home assignment which began at the end of June this year. This decision did not come easy but it became clear after we realized our family was in need of it and we were in need of it as a couple. We’ve experienced some amazing fruit in our ministry but there has been an enormous amount of conflict swirling all around for several years and we need to “unplug” for a brief season. Our goal for the next several months is to reconnect with family here in the US, our church community, our friends, and supporters. At the same time we hope to get some rest. On our way home from China we traveled through Europe this time and stopped off to visit friends (see photo below).

We greatly appreciate your prayers as we rest and prepare for the next phase of ministry. Along with catching up with relatives and friends we desire to see these next several months be a time of reflecting on what has happened over the last eight years, both successes and failures. Through reflection and prayer it is our desire to see our hearts grow in deeper dependence on His strength for bearing future fruit and not to be caught up with ambition to achieve. May His name be glorified.



  1. Eileen Dowd · · Reply

    Hi Tim, I’ve had a chance to read all your posts in the last year and they so resonate with my soul. Thank you for truth and clarity.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Eileen. Thinking and praying for you guys.

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