Hong Kong Reformation 500 Conference

This one will be pretty short but I wanted to write a few thoughts after reflecting on the Grace to City Hong Kong Reformation 500 Conference (May 23-26, 2017).  I have read a few reviews on the event and I was there for the majority of the event.  Many folks don’t realize all of what went into the event.  Although I did not have a role in planning and executing the event, I was involved in discussions from the beginning and trust me, there were significant obstacles ranging from venue to finances.  There were times when calling it off seemed to be a reasonable option but the organizers persevered and in the end God came through big-time.

Considering the event truly represented a cross-culturally planned and executed project, a fact that most reflections and reviews will not be aware of, it truly represented an historical undertaking.  While things behind the scenes didn’t always go smooth, most folks were none the wiser, a sign that God was carrying this whole thing.

The event also represented a healthy segment of churches.  It was clear that Baptists, Presbyterians and non-denominational churches were all represented in both the speakers and the attendees.  This is something sorely needed in China.
The critique of the event written by Jackson Wu (http://www.chinasource.org/resource-library/from-the-west-courtyard/reflections-on-the-reformation-500-and-the-gospel-conference?from=timeline&isappinstalled=0) is definitely worth reading and the event organizers are sifting through other forms of feedback they got on the event.  Having read some of these I feel most of what I’ve read is pretty fair and worth at least considering if not implementing.

In the end, this quote from a long-time China hand and one-time co-worker sums things up for me very well; “No words to describe it. None. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. What a privilege to attend. Thanks for your part.”


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