Recent events surrounding the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen

There have been a string of incidents that have occurred in our city related to the house churches we are working with.  The first group of events centered around the anti-abortion campaign that takes place every June 1 which is International Children’s Day. The church was handing out fliers and one of the brothers from the church was harassed and beaten by police.  The article was written up in WORLD magazine and circulated amongst a bunch of folks I know.  If you’d like to read more click on the following link:

The second group of events followed closely behind and was related more to the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square.  Many of you remember June 4, 1989 but some of you might not.  I remember June 4, 1989 vividly.  That day when I received the news of the crackdown I feared that many of my friends had been harmed.  Thankfully they were not.  In God’s providence that event marked one of the single-most significant turning points in many intellectuals coming to Christ.  Yuan Zhiming, Zhang Boli and Chai Ling, just to name a few, were all deeply involved and deeply impacted as were thousands of others.  I remember having a conversation with a Chinese grad student from the University of Maryland in the the days following that tragic event.  He was a new believer and he looked at me with despair and said “how could God allow this to happen?”  I don’t remember my answer but while God was not the author of the violence that day, He was very much in charge of things and the results were life-changing for so many in a God-oriented direction.

Both of these recent events events were occasion for one of our local house church pastors to be detained 2 separate times.  Please pray for these brave ones.  They are not super-human and they have wives and families.  I don’t know what kind of lasting scars are left when a child sees his father carted off by the police and the National Security (like the FBI in the US).

Reflecting back on nearly 30 years of ministry with Chinese I am so excited about what he is doing right now; with us, through us and in us.  It’s a privilege to work with these guys and I am thankful God has allowed us to partner with them.  May the Lord continue to protect his servants and his church here.


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