This one will be pretty short but I wanted to write a few thoughts after reflecting on the Grace to City Hong Kong Reformation 500 Conference (May 23-26, 2017).  I have read a few reviews on the event and I was there for the majority of the event.  Many folks don’t realize all of what […]

Ian Johnson’s book The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao ( is receiving a lot of attention among China watchers. The book covers 5 different religious communities in China, one of which is a group of Christians. This Christian group happens to be folks who we work very closely with and when […]

As I type these words one of our presbyteries in China is being investigated by the local authorities. In the process of this investigation I received word that nearly 4,000 Christian books, which were being stored in the church facility, have been confiscated. As this event has been unfolding the pastor reached out to the […]

The end of 2016 marks the 30th year of my ministry with Chinese. I have witnessed, first hand, some amazing changes and transformations in China. The standard of living when I first came to China to study Chinese in 1986, had all the marks of an underdeveloped country, people’s thinking was very closed, interaction with […]

Over my 30 years of ministry with Chinese I have heard good and bad gospel presentations. Trying to link Chinese characters or the concept of tian (heaven) with the Christian gospel generally fall short. I recently asked a Chinese sister in Christ what she thought of such presentations. She replied that they do not really […]

The media has been abuzz with reports of Olympic athletes with red circles on their backs. For some this is a curiosity and for others it is a disturbing sight to behold. The picture of Michael Phelps with dark red circles that look like pepperoni sausage slices is an unfamiliar thing to the western media […]

Ever since my first trip to China in 1986 I have been involved in personal evangelism with Chinese, sharing my faith with individuals or small groups and challenging them to consider the truths of the gospel.  After many years I could almost predict, from an array of possible responses, how my Chinese friends would respond, […]