What if I told you that for Christmas someone was going to give you something you have been desiring for a very long time? I’ll bet your mind is working in several directions. At the very least you can probably think of one thing that you’d really like as a gift for Christmas. Maybe a […]

“If choices are real and freedom significant, future decisions cannot be exhaustively foreknown. This is because the future is not determinate but shaped in part by human choices. The future is not fixed like the past, which can be known completely. The future does not yet exist and therefore cannot be infallibly anticipated, even by […]

This one will be pretty short but I wanted to write a few thoughts after reflecting on the Grace to City Hong Kong Reformation 500 Conference (May 23-26, 2017).  I have read a few reviews on the event and I was there for the majority of the event.  Many folks don’t realize all of what […]

Ian Johnson’s book The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao (http://www.ian-johnson.com) is receiving a lot of attention among China watchers. The book covers 5 different religious communities in China, one of which is a group of Christians. This Christian group happens to be folks who we work very closely with and when […]

As I type these words one of our presbyteries in China is being investigated by the local authorities. In the process of this investigation I received word that nearly 4,000 Christian books, which were being stored in the church facility, have been confiscated. As this event has been unfolding the pastor reached out to the […]

The end of 2016 marks the 30th year of my ministry with Chinese. I have witnessed, first hand, some amazing changes and transformations in China. The standard of living when I first came to China to study Chinese in 1986, had all the marks of an underdeveloped country, people’s thinking was very closed, interaction with […]

Over my 30 years of ministry with Chinese I have heard good and bad gospel presentations. Trying to link Chinese characters or the concept of tian (heaven) with the Christian gospel generally fall short. I recently asked a Chinese sister in Christ what she thought of such presentations. She replied that they do not really […]